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☰ Meet Raena O'Neil ☰

Hi, my name is Raena and I'm the creator of Lymphatic Organic, and the technique you will be learning during this course. I wanted to give you some background information about myself to understand how and why I came up with it.

I have struggled with celiac disease since I was a teenager and relied on self research on holistic alternatives to try to heal myself ever since. About 4 years ago I had plastic surgery to my abdomen to fix excess skin and torn muscles from having a 10 lb baby 13 years ago.

My body had a really hard time healing after the surgery and I dealt with excess bloating for almost a year after. Being extremely frustrated I began to research alternative methods to help resolve it.

A friend of mine told me to look into Lymphatic Drainage and since no one here in Las Vegas did it the way I wanted it done I traveled to Los Angeles and had a version of it done on me by a Colombian woman. I was so impressed with the way it made me feel that I came immediately home and changed my entire life to figure out how to do it and improve it.

I spent almost 2.5 years studying Colombian, Brazilian and Korean techniques and practicing on myself and friends and family to hand craft this particular technique that is different from anyone else’s. I paired this with my knowledge of other holistic modalities to help with drainage to come up with our services / protocol.

Having always struggled with weight issues, dietary struggles, plastic surgery and extreme changes in my body from having children I was the ideal candidate for lymphatic drainage so I dedicated my life to helping other people resolve these issues with all the knowledge I’ve gained from many years of trial and error as I wish someone would have done for me.

After perfecting the technique I am now solely focused on spreading all the knowledge I have gained over these years to help others like myself heal people and become financially stable while doing so. There are so many things that I have learned through all my experiences that I am so excited to share with all of you. I was a single mom of a small child and fought so hard to create a successful business to give myself and my child the freedom and financial stability we deserved.

I can help you get there too, all while working in an industry that is fun and exciting and extremely fulfilling knowing you are healing others. Thank you for taking this journey with us and we can’t wait to see how far you will come.

☰ Meet Heidi Otero ☰

My name is Heidi Otero. I was a professional dancer for most of my life and as you can expect there were a ton of expectations and pressure in what my body looked like. I struggled with yoyo dieting and body image issues throughout my 20s and 30s.

It wasn’t until I discovered Yoga and breath work that I started to take my overall health and wellness back into my own hands. I met Raena as her yoga teacher several years ago and she introduced me to the world of Lymphatic Drainage.

We’ve worked together to create this training to really share our knowledge and spread this tested and proven technique.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before we get started, we wanted to go over the frequently asked questions we get the most. You could potentially have these questions yourself or will just want to know the proper verbiage to use when your future clients ask. We will be sure to include this in written form and detail along with the marketing / business resource guide included along with the course.